Real Music & Real Estate . . .

Yiddishe Cup’s bandleader, Bert Stratton, is Klezmer Guy.

He knows about the band biz and – check this out – the real estate biz too. So maybe he’s really Klezmer Landlord.

You may not care about the real estate biz. Hey, you may not care about the band biz. (See you.)

This is a blog with a gamy twist. It features tenants with snakes and skunks, and musicians with smoked fish in their pockets.

Stratton has written op-eds for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.



I went out once in high school. It was a fix up, courtesy of my parents. I took out Barbara E. to see Cool Hand Luke at the Vogue and then on to Manner’s Big Boy at Van Aken for shakes. My parents knew her parents. I didn’t see her again, although we went to Michigan together, but I never saw her or said hi to her on the Diag, or anything at all.

How could you say no to this guy?

Bert “Pancho” Stratton, 1967

A couple years ago I was playing tennis in Cleveland, and I saw her father, who is in his 90s. I knew him from my nursing home gigs. Next to him was a young woman (age 66!) in a ski jacket. She was watching the oldsters play doubles. These oldsters were talking to the woman about a nor’easter in Boston. I knew Barbara had moved to Boston after college because I had Googled her. It was her.

I told my tennis partner that Barbara was the first girl I had dated. He didn’t care. He wanted to play tennis. But I stopped everything and said to her, “We went out on a date in high school. I’m Bert Stratton.”

“Really?” she said. I reminded her about Cool Hand Luke and the shakes. Really? “I do remember the name Stratton, though,” she said.


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1 Mark Schilling { 09.20.18 at 9:29 am }

“Really?” I would have prayed for a hole to open under my feet so I could sink to the center of the earth. Reminding a 66-year-old woman of a failed date she had at 16 is never a good idea. I have my own story in that line, but later…

2 Michael Madorsky { 09.20.18 at 11:05 pm }

Ouch, that had to hurt.
Hey great to see you and Jack today. Enjoy your weekend in Brooklyn. Very exciting.

3 Ken Goldberg { 09.21.18 at 9:39 am }

I’m guessing it wasn’t this elderly lady’s first date…. My first “city” date (i.e. not counting overnight camp girlfriends) became my main high school girlfriend. She is a retired physician and a Facebook Friend.

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