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Yiddishe Cup’s bandleader, Bert Stratton, is Klezmer Guy.

He knows about the band biz and – check this out – the real estate biz too. So maybe he’s really Klezmer Landlord.

You may not care about the real estate biz. Hey, you may not care about the band biz. (See you.)

This is a blog with a gamy twist. It features tenants with snakes and skunks, and musicians with smoked fish in their pockets.

Stratton has written op-eds for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.



About 20 Geauga County kids put on “I Never Saw Another Butterfly,” a play about the Theresienstadt concentration camp. I spoke to the actors at their theater in Chardon, Ohio.  “My voice is blown out. I destroyed it at a gig [at Nighttown],” I said. And I had no mic to talk to the kids. I figured they’d be obnoxious, but they weren’t. I explained what a Jew is. (On one foot.)

They sang a Theresienstadt-based song for me. I asked  them who, in their world, was the most famous Jew. I thought they would say Jesus. The answer: Billy Crystal.

The kids wanted to know about “the beanie “/ the hat / the yarmulke. I said the beanie (which I don’t wear outside of shul) shows the Jew’s humbleness, vis a vis God. Was I right?  I gave the actors a couple Yiddishe Cup CDs and said, “The people at Terezin didn’t listen to klezmer music but enjoy these CDs anyway.”

Was I extremely Jewish? No. But I was above average!

On One Foot

On one foot


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1 Irwin Weinberger { 10.28.15 at 10:12 am }

As a representative of our people you did a fine job. With so many misconceptions about minorities I think it’s a good thing to be visible once in awhile.

2 Ken Goldberg { 10.28.15 at 10:17 am }

I generally enjoy explaining some aspect sf Judaism to non-Jews, as long as the listener is attentive, respectful, and thus not argumentative. I feel I have some control over how balanced the information is, unlike the way others might handle it.,

3 William Jones { 10.28.15 at 11:17 am }

Nu? How were you chosen to represent the Jewish community in this setting; happenstance?

4 Bert Stratton { 10.28.15 at 11:47 am }

To William Jones:

They just looked up a random Jew under “Stratton” in the phone book.

Seriously, it was somebody who knew somebody through Yiddishe Cup.

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