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I tried Spanish to reach a human at AT&T. Oprima el uno for Spanish. That didn’t work; I got no human, just a Spanish robot. I went through the whole Spanish programa, yelling for a human, and ultimately got an adios from the machine. I’m trying to get my landline to work. It’s been out a couple days. The AT&T online repair site says the phone will be working by Friday. That’s too long.

phone push button shelburne 2015

I used to be a phone-repair guy, back in the 1970s. I’d hook up extra phones in the house I rented. I didn’t own the phones. Ohio Bell owned the phones. Ohio Bell came in one day and took one of my phones. That hurt. The Ohio Bell tech was a young woman who sweet-talked my roommate into my bedroom, where my illegal phone was (but I wasn’t).

I’m OK waiting for my landline. I’m not ranting. You think I’m ranting? I’m cool. But hey, I have a “for lease” sign up with that landline number in a vacant storefront. This is costing me dinero.

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1 Charlie B { 05.16.18 at 10:31 am }

Per Snopp Dogg the byword is “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”
AT&T no longer supports or installs traditional landlines in Michigan. They want to “retire” that business. Yet, in every (and frequent) electrical-power-killing storm we have, the old fashioned 12 volt copper landline keeps on keeping on.

2 Ted { 05.16.18 at 10:47 am }

When I was in Argentina I had to do the “Press 2 for English” option a number of times. That was interesting, being on the other side.

3 Bert Stratton { 05.16.18 at 10:49 am }

1. From commenter Don Friedman:
“I can help you with this” is the go-to phrase they say on their chat line. Then they transfer you to another person who says, guess what ?, “I can help you with this!”. I could write a book about AT&T. I wish I had some TNT for the frustration they caused me! At least when you call them they could change the intro music once a year to like Miles’ tune ‘All Blues’!

2. AT&T showed up today, Wed. Yippee. Short in the line, going to the house. I said to the repairman, “I have a hard time reaching a person at AT&T.” He said, “I’ve heard that once or twice.”

4 don friedman { 05.23.18 at 11:18 am }

He’s a good risk if his credit score is high enough.

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